What Programs Does SRVS Offer?

SRVS Learning Center:  The day center offers weekday programs to adults, concentrating on social skills, self-care skills and pre-vocational training.  SRVS is the first agency in the nation to introduce the Montessori approach to teaching adults with developmental disabilities.  We now have two satellite learning centers in Tipton County and Collierville, Tennessee.

SRVS Community Employment Services:  This program has trained employment specialists and job coaches who evaluate work strengths, aptitudes, and interests, and place individuals in community jobs that best fit their needs.

SRVS Community Living:  SRVS has over 80 living sites in the community for adults and children with disabilities. We offer a  wide variety of living  options, from group homes to supported living.  ICF/MR homes are nursing homes for those in need of intensive medical and therapeutic care. The community participation component gives individuals the opportunity to participate in their communities and to choose activities that promote independence, job exploration and any interests they wish to pursue.

SRVS Family Support:  This program provides assistance for children and adults in the community in the form of respite care,  before and after school care, specialized equipment and supplies, education, and home and vehicle modifications.

SRVS Elderly and Adult Disabilities Services:  The goal of this program is to enhance the quality of life for the elderly and adults with disabilities enabling them to live independently for as long as possible through home and community based services.

SRVS Kids & Families addresses the unique abilities and challenges of young children with a variety of disabilities.  The program provides a family-centered approach to early intervention and therapy services, from birth through 12 years of age. Programs are designed to meet the individual needs of the children including an inclusive preschool.

SRVS Clinical Services:  SRVS offers a variety of health care to our  individuals including nursing, behavior and therapeutic supports, nutritional services, and medication administration.


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