SRVS, Special Kids & Family Merge to Provide Disability Services from Birth Throughout Life

SRVS, Tennessee’s largest provider of services for people with disabilities, announced on July 9 its merger with Special Kids & Families, creating the only local nonprofit to provide supports for individuals with disabilities from birth throughout life.


“It is such a gift to be able to reach children with disabilities during their earliest stages of development.”

Special Kids and Families is a local non-profit organization providing therapies and services to young children with disabilities from birth to twelve.  It is now a SRVS program renamed SRVS Kids & Families.

Pictures_2014_SK&F_Merger_2014_07_09-101Mayors A.C. Wharton and Mark Luttrell were present at the announcement to share in the celebration. SRVS Kids and Families parent, Marcus Washington, powerfully shared how SK&F has impacted the life of his daughter, McKenzie.

Pictures_2014_SK&F_Merger_2014_07_09-129Following the merger announcement, everyone in attendance was invited to tour the SRVS Kids and Families facility and classes at Independent Presbyterian Church, 4738 Walnut Grove Road.

Pictures_2014_SK&F_Merger_2014_07_09-218“Establishing a permanent relationship with Special Kids is a natural fit with SRVS growth plans,” said SRVS Executive Director Tyler Hampton. “We can now provide disability supports from birth, to young adult, middle-age and the elderly. We are excited to have the opportunity to take care of people with disabilities throughout their lives.”

Pictures_2014_SK&F_Merger_2014_07_09-242SRVS Kids & Families provides family-centered programs that enhance a family’s knowledge and understanding of their child’s unique developmental needs and abilities. SRVS Kids provides in-home services to 75 children, 40 in pre-school and up to 10 per week in its Early On Parent and Child classes. SRVS Kids staff helps families develop strategies and techniques that help their children reach their full potential.

Pictures_2014_SK&F_Merger_2014_07_09-270“It is such a gift to be able to reach children with disabilities during their earliest stages of development,” said Stephanie Phillips, Special Kids & Families Executive Director.  “We are excited to be joining the SRVS family to give the children and families that we serve the opportunity to continue this support throughout their adult lives.”

Students from SRVS Kids and Families, SRVS staff, board members and parents enjoyed mingling during a reception following the announcement and tour of the SRVS Kids and Families facility. Students from the Honeybee class recited the Pledge of Allegiance and sang a few songs for the group.

Pictures_2014_SK&F_Merger_2014_07_09-345SRVS, founded in 1962 and headquartered at 3971 Knight Arnold Road, supports 860 people with disabilities through residential, educational, clinical and employment services.

Hampton said SRVS new and planned satellite learning centers will increase the geographic reach of the agency’s disability supports. The merger is part of SRVS growth initiatives.

On Sept 16, 2013, SRVS began operation of its first satellite learning center with the opening of the SRVS/Tipton County Enhanced Learning Center in Covington.  


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