2014 Playhouse on the Square Kicks off Spirit of SRVS season

Many supporters came out to Playhouse on the Square on June 22 to support SRVS and enjoy a performance of Hairspray.

The preview party began at 1:30 pm with appetizers from Automatic Slims, a wine tasting, desserts and dancing by DJ Kenny Bozak.



Prior to the start of the show, the 2014 Spirit of SRVS commemorative artwork, “Brother’s Keeper” by guest artist Edwin McSwine, was revealed to the audience.


Describing the artwork, McSwine told the audience that while he usually operates from a nostalgic lens with most of his artwork; he chose to be more imaginative in his approach with “Brother’s Keeper.” The main element of one man helping another up the cliff represents the relationship between the staff and people supported at SRVS. McSwine drew inspiration from his relationship with his sister, Tonda, who helped him out as a child. Today, she is supported by McSwine and attends the SRVS Learning Center.

The piece is also bordered with a mosaic of geographic shapes and symbols that show part of the history of SRVS, including the number “62,” the year SRVS was founded.


(Left to Right: Steven Sansom, Paula Sansom, Tyler Hampton, Edwin McSwine, Laura Tumminello, Frances Metheny)

SRVS Executive Director Tyler Hampton also introduced the Honorary Chairs for the 16th Annual Spirit of SRVS, Paula and Steve Sansom.

The 16th Annual Spirit of SRVS will be held on August 23 at Hilton Memphis. The Spirit of SRVS event co-chairs are board members Frances Metheny, who was present for the unveiling and Harvey Middleton.

Following the reveal of “Brother’s Keeper,” the crowd enjoyed a fantastic performance of Hairspray.


SRVS thanks our Anonymous Donor, Automatic Slims, Bill Huddleston, DJ Kenny Bozak and the SRVS Ambassador Club volunteers who helped make the event a success.


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